Small batch winery in CO Rockies

Nestled in the untamed heart of the Colorado Rockies, Sips and Summit Wines is a sanctuary where the spirit of adventure meets the art of winemaking. Born from the rugged terroir of high-altitude vineyards, this boutique winery crafts exquisite small-batch wines that capture the bold essence of their mountain home. Each bottle is an invitation to journey through a palate of flavors as rich and diverse as the landscape itself.

At Sips and Summit, it's not just about tasting wine; it's about experiencing the place where open skies and towering peaks commune with the ancient craft of viticulture. This is where outdoor travelers pause their ascent, draw a breath of crisp mountain air, and indulge in a symphony of tastes that only this winery can compose.

Join us as we uncork the narrative of Sips and Summit Wines—a brand that embodies the convergence of rugged peaks and refined tastes.

Sips & Summit Wines

Case Study

Project Scope
Brand Strategy | Identity Branding
Packaging Design | Web Design

8 Weeks


Against the vast expanse of the Colorado Rockies, Sips and Summit Wines' brand was a whispered legend—not yet a widely told tale. Their online presence needed to encapsulate the rich, bold flavors of their small-batch wines and the exhilarating experience of their high-altitude tasting room. Kinley Creative was entrusted with the mission to uncork their story and pour it into a brand narrative that would resonate across the rocky peaks and beyond.

Post-transformation, Sips and Summit Wines boasts a brand identity that's as full-bodied and memorable as their wines, inviting a surge of visitors to explore both their virtual and vineyard landscapes.

A Toast to Elevated Brand Recognition

the result

Since the rebrand, Sips and Summit Wines has seen a fruitful harvest of customer engagement, with their online bookings for tastings and tours at an all-time high. The winery's story now flows as freely as their wines, with a brand presence that's as captivating as the panoramic views from their mountainous locale. Kinley Creative's blend of strategic branding and design has uncorked a new era for the winery, one where every sip is a celebration of their unique summit.

Our vision was to ferment a branding strategy that would mature into an online identity as intoxicating and inviting as a glass of Sips and Summit's finest blend.

Cultivating a Brand as Distinct as a Mountain Vintage

The Goal

The goal for Sips and Summit Wines was to distill the essence of their mountain-grown grapes into a digital experience that mirrored the adventure of their vineyard. Kinley Creative set out to design a branding palette that paired the rustic charm of Colorado's alpine scenery with the sophistication of their wines, aiming to attract both the rugged adventurer and the refined palate to their doorstep.

Sips and Summit Wines' digital presence was as elusive as a hidden mountain trail, overshadowed by larger vineyards and failing to attract the robust traffic of outdoor wine enthusiasts.

Eclipsed Online Presence in a Robust Wine Frontier

the challange

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